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Come and help us create unique game experiences. Ghostwhale is looking for a Gameplay Programmer.

Job Description

As a critical anchor for the project you’ll be crafting code for character movements, NPC interactions, scripted sequences, enemy combat, environmental interactions and much more. Help us build something satisfying and fluid while overcoming new and exciting challenges in gameplay.


Your responsibilities + attributes:

  • Ability to express and rapidly prototype gameplay ideas.
  • Capable of giving and receiving constructive feedback on designs. Strong communication skills are vital, as we’re incredibly open and straightforward when it comes to our internal conversations about gameplay.
  • Ability to creatively overcome complex gameplay and systems problems with innovative solutions.
  • Ability to breakdown tasks with accurate time estimates, from high-level components to smaller tasks.
  • Capable of working independently, keeping on-task and motivated.
  • Excited and able to work with a small, nimble team and participate in major decisions.
  • Flexible with any additional responsibilities; small teams require each member to have a willingness to expand their role and take on other tasks.

Skills + Experience:

  • Extensive knowledge of C# programming languages.
  • Visual Studio experience.
  • Proficient in Unity3D
  • Excellent math skills.
  • Familiarity with Maya is a plus.


Ghostwhale is a small, deeply motivated and close-knit team located in Jakarta. Our focus is gameplay that’s engaging, deep in meaning, while also building atmosphere through lush art and sound design. We wanna push video games as a medium with a lot of experimenting and we’re immensely excited to be creating things we love every day.

We want to get in touch with talented individuals from all fields. If you wish to apply, please send your application to and include links to resumé and portfolio.


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